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Kit Customization

Centurion specializes in custom-designed, complex kits other companies can't do. Select the exact number of gauze pads, syringes, scalpels, and anything else that you'd like along with your own components. When your customers use your trays and kits, they will find everything they want, in the sequence they need, with no unnecessary items included.

Kits can include a full range of supplies, including gowns, masks, caps, and gloves, as well as drapes, dressings, securement devices, site prep solutions, and custom labels. We have unlimited options to assist with any special requirements.

Purchasing Services

Other companies that create custom kits have limited offerings at their disposal, forcing you to make purchases from multiple vendors. But with Centurion, if you want a device or product that isn't in our home collection, we can source the item from any vendor on your behalf. So when your customers make time-sensitive requests, you can respond more efficiently without juggling multiple vendors to complete your task.

Engineering Team

Centurion is always developing new and unique products and services to fit the healthcare industry's changing requirements. All staff members are fully committed to the quality of our products and continuing to enhance them. We have 40 patents and close to a dozen more awaiting approval. Your components will never be outdated, and you'll always be guaranteed performance-leading products now and in the future.

Regulatory Team

We offer full regulatory support and documentation to make your audits seamless. With time-tested process validation, you can rest easy knowing that Centurion's results will always meet FDA requirements.

  • Tailored validation programs to suit individual medical devices
  • Customizable protocols, regulatory support, testing, and full documentation and sterilization records
  • Certified and compliant with International Standardization Organization guidelines
  • FDA registered, ISO13485 and ISO11135 certified, and ISO11607 compliant

Packaging & Sterilization

Centurion offers a well-rounded set of packaging possibilities, providing an ideal fit for orders with lots of variety that other vendors can't handle. Choose from every kind of packaging you can dream of, including various pouches, trays, bags, and more. If you have components that you'd like to see in finished kit form, we can create a professional, private-labeled package with graphics and barcodes.

Do you have customers needing a quick turnaround? Centurion also offers a fast and hassle-free process known as parametric release so you can get shipments faster.

Sterilization Features
  • 100% Ethylene Oxide sterilization to accommodate the vast majority of products
  • In-house services include product sterility, biological indicator, bioburden, bacteriostasis/fungistasis, and spore strip enumeration testing
  • Customized validation programs to suit individual medical devices and on-site labs for testing
  • Multiple facilities to handle transportation in every region of the country

Consultation Services

Why get lost in a maze of vendors, materials, service providers, and regulations? Our experienced staff will help you with any issue – at Centurion, it's what we do best. We're always available to assist you through every step of the process to ensure hassle-free, prompt, and accurate results.

Inventory & Delivery

Our inventory is well-stocked to protect against backordering so that we can offer multiple options the moment your order is placed. This way you can provide your customers with exactly what they ask for, when they want it, and can make quick and easy changes to your product line at any time. To give you the most flexibility possible, in addition to our extensive inventory of components, Centurion can also sell through distributors.

Sales Team

Centurion's experienced sales force is never more than a single call or email away. Our sales team members are problem-solvers, so you'll never have to jump through corporate hoops to get questions answered. We'll work one-on-one with you to ensure the final product meets your vision.

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Eliminate those jumbles of names in your contact list, mindless on-hold music, and time-consuming red tape. Let us be your partner in cutting through the confusion of multiple vendors with our personalized service.

Contact Us

Contact Us

Eliminate those jumbles of names in your contact list, mindless on-hold music, and time-consuming red tape. Let us be your partner in cutting through the confusion of multiple vendors with our personalized service. To learn more, call (866) 386-0530 or fill out the form below to have someone call you.


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